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Mail alias - extra address to e-mail account. Technically one account can have unlimited number of aliases. E.g. to account may be assigned such aliases:,,, etc. The mail sent to any defined alias gets to the basic account

Data back-up - the service consisting in creating back-up copy of important data and saving it on other data carrier such as CD disc, CD-RW disc, floppy, hard drive, DAT.

FTP (File Transfer Protocol) - the protocol enabling sending files to and from the server.

E-Mail account - electronic mail box with the possibility of receiving messages form any place in the world. Each e-mail account has an individual address in the form e.g.

WWW account - electronic place enabling publishing websites.

Modem - a device enabling Internet access (or to other remote computer) through the phone line.

Account capacity - the area on which e-mail messages/websites are stored. The bigger the area, the more e-mails/materials can be stored on the account.

Multimedia presentation - animated film contain Your Company's offer, contact details and other information determined by client.

CGI scripts (Common Gateway Interface) - programs running on the server aiming at enhancing and building highly advanced websites. Thanks to CGI scripts it is possible to e.g. send e-mails directly from the website, running banner systems.

Website - electronic business card of the company. It has single and unique address in the form of e.g., it can be watched from any place in the world.

Virtual server - physically not existing Internet server, being only its virtual copy. Thanks to the virtual servers you can receive the addresses in the form of, otherwise the address is applied in the form, what substantially hinders its memorizing, and consequently reduces advertisement effects.

Folder protection - the website except for websites we want to show to the world can contain secret information available only after providing access password.

Computer protection - the service aiming at protecting your computers before unauthorized access from outside by unauthorized people. The protection prevents theft, swap, deleting valuable data.